Monday, June 29, 2020

Great News! Get your Vital Signs

How healthy is your credit union?

Join NCOFCU and TCT Risk Solutions to find out if your financial health falls within the benchmark goals.

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Date and Time; Tue, July 14, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT

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Who should attend? CEO's, CFO's and Directors
When you go to the Doctor, one of the first things to happen is the taking of your Vital Signs. 
Health professionals know that these key Vital Signs provide an immediate picture of your body’s overall health. Monitoring your Vital Signs is an effective way to identify where your health in strong as well as where and when it requires attention. But it must be the right Vital Signs: for example, blood pressure, not hair length, or eye color.

Just like people, Credit Unions have Vital Signs too. These vital signs indicate the overall financial health of the credit union. But, again, it must be the correct group of Vital Signs. Any indicator that is outside the healthy range means credit union health is out of balance which threatens its overall vitality. 
TCT Risk Solutions has developed a robust KFI report that focuses on a set of statistically verified Vital Signs. In the report, any sign that is outside the healthy range is highlighted in either yellow or red. Yellow means the indicator is just outside the range and needs monitoring, while red indicates a significant problem that requires immediate attention. 
Over time these indicators pose a significant risk to the financial health of the credit union. Using the TCT solutions management can bring these indicators back to a healthy level to support the health of their credit union.
All registered attendees will receive a FREE Vital Signs Report

OrganizerTCT Risk Solutions

The organizer of Vital Signs Report
Randy C. Thompson, Ph.D. is the CEO and founder of TCT, Inc. He has consulted with Credit Unions, through TCT, for over 30 years. He holds advanced degrees (Ph.D. and MS) in Finance, Statistics, and Economics and taught graduate courses in statistics at several Universities in the western United States.

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