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San Diego Firefighters Shave Heads in Solidarity With Fellow Firefighter Battling Cancer

San Diego firefighters honored one of their own Monday by shaving their hair off in solidarity with a firefighter battling cancer.

Firefighter Nick Hibbs is going through chemotherapy for cancer.

"We’re happy to do it for him," said one of the firefighters, while sitting in a chair getting his hair cut off.

In addition to the solidarity shave, Hibbs' band of brothers at Fire Station 1 in Downtown San Diego have also taken food to his home and helped complete some of his chores around the house.

"He’s our brother. We wish him the best," said Bennet. "He’s our brother and we wish him the best. We understand the fight he's going through with his family. We care a great deal about him. That’s why we’re here."

Hibbs is a member of the San Diego Fire-Rescue Bomb Squad. He married his high school sweetheart and has two children.

Some new competition "Apple Pay Cash"

Apple’s forthcoming Apple Pay Cash will likely become the next in a long line of P2P offerings that are forcing credit unions to think about the future of their noninterest income, industry experts say.  Apple Pay Cash, which launched in public beta this week, allows users to send and receive money in Apple Messages. They can use money with Apple Pay Cash in stores, on the web or in apps. The feature also works with Siri, and a member can use cards already in their Apple wallets, according to the company. There is no fee to use Apple Pay Cash with a debit card, but there is a 3% fee to send money using a credit card.  Apple isn’t the first company to launch a P2P product — but it is one of the biggest. And that can be an opportunity for credit unions, according to Mark Ranta, who is head of digital banking solutions at ACI Worldwide in Naples, Florida. For one thing, Apple Pay Cash could actually push members to use their debit cards more often, he said. “If you want to look at the positi…

Honoring All Who Served

Today we honor those who have taken up the call to duty and served our nation. 

Frivolous ADA lawsuits considered abuse against America's small businesses.

Please note some of our credit unions serving firefighters and first responders have been served with these frivolous lawsuits.

WASHINGTON—The Senate Judiciary Committee took a deep dive into what some are calling lawsuit abuse against America's small businesses during a hearing this week – specifically mentioning frivolous lawsuits filed under the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Ahead of the hearing, NAFCU informed the committee how these ADA lawsuits are impacting credit unions and asked that it further examine the issue. Numerous credit unions have been named as defendants in lawsuits that allege websites are out of compliance with ADA.
In his opening statement, committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) used an example of a "drive-by" ADA lawsuit as frivolous. Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) also made a large example out of the frivolousness of highly technical ADA lawsuits during the hearing, NAFCU reported. NAFCU Vice President of Legislative Affairs Brad Thaler, in a letter…

Credit union expert Tim Harrington will keynote the National Council of Firefighters Credit Unions Inc. (NCOFCU) 2018 Annual Conference.

Tim Harrington will keynote the National Council of Firefighters Credit Unions Inc. (NCOFCU) 2018 Annual Conference. He will also address Financial Literacy at the volunteer's session Thursday afternoon, which will help attendees build the skills and knowledge they need to strengthen their credit unions’ bottom lines. The conference will be held September 19-22, 2018 at the Seattle Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Seattle, WA.
“Tim Harrington is a dynamic speaker whose knowledge and expertise in this industry will help attendees lead their credit unions to new heights,” “With the continuing challenges facing credit unions, it is imperative that board and supervisory committee members have the specific competencies this conference offers so they can help ensure their institutions’ safe, sound operation and competitive standing in the consumer financial services market.”
Author, consultant and speaker Tim Harrington has worked with credit unions in 48 states, two territories…


For those of you strongly focused on the issues related to FIREFIGHTER OCCUPATIONAL CANCER, whether your active or retired, there is an important NO COST forum that you are invited to attend next week.
You can attend IN PERSON or watch it LIVE via FACEBOOK (so pretty much all of us should watch this important discussion) as shown below:
When: Wednesday, November 15, 1900, to 2100 hours.
Where: Columbus Fire Training Academy in the John Nance Auditorium, 3639 Parsons Ave., Columbus, Ohio
Admission is free and parking is available.
Columbus Firefighter Mark Rine, 36, is the father of five children and was diagnosed with terminal cancer about five years ago.
Nora Jaegly of Toledo lost her husband, firefighter Peter Jaegly, to occupational cancer in 2013. Peter was 49 and served as a Toledo firefighter for 20 years, two as battalion chief
.Missy Collier of Plai…