Friday, February 26, 2016

Credit Unions Donate to Aid Lake County Fire Survivors

Generous Donation to Aid Rebuilding of Homes and Provide Local Childcare Services

From left:  Diana Dykstra (California Credit Union League), Brett Martinez (Redwood Credit Union), Richard Cooper (Mendo Lakes Credit Union) and Robin McCarthy (Fire Family Foundation). 
MIDDLETOWN, CA — Fire survivors who lost homes in the devastating Lake County fires and residents struggling with local childcare will benefit from a generous donation of $80,000 from Fire Family Foundation. A contribution of $60,000 was made in mid-February at the Middletown Fire Station to Hope City/Hope Crisis Response Network (HCRN), a disaster relief agency rebuilding several homes destroyed by the fires, and a donation of over $20,000 went to the Lake Family Resource Center (LFRC) for much-needed childcare in the community.

Fire Family Foundation (FFF) provides assistance to individuals and families affected by fire-related disasters throughout California and is the charitable hand of Firefighters First Credit Union. FFF worked with both Redwood Credit Union (RCU) and Mendo Lake Credit Union (MLCU) along with the California Credit Union League (CCUL) to identify the greatest needs of the fire survivors and provide the funding. Foundation Executive Director Robin McCarthy along with credit union and league representatives presented the check to Hope City Chief Executive Officer Kevin Cox and Team Lake County Chair Shelly Mascari in mid February.

Hope City has identified several homeowners who lost their residences in the Valley Fire to be beneficiaries of the $60,000 gift, according to Cox. He noted Hope City matches the gift with volunteer labor, so the initial amount becomes a $120,000 donation. The selection of families for receipt of HCRN’s assistance is needs-based, with aid going to individuals who had little or no insurance and may have other extenuating circumstances.

“Our organization thanks Fire Family Foundation and the credit unions who have been so amazing in helping Lake County, and we thank the community for rallying to get families back into homes,” said Cox.

Another key service needing support is the Lake Family Resource Center (LFRC), which provides before and after school childcare in Lake County. “We are grateful for the focus on childcare needs for those impacted by the fire,” said Jennifer Dodd, LFRC’s Executive Director. “The grant will be used to help families with childcare services so residents can get back to work knowing their children are cared for,” Dodd added. She shared many fire survivors have had challenges with transportation, changed school schedules, and the disappearance of off-site daycares in the area. “It is wonderful the grant was provided to Lake Family Resource Center because it will help reduce the stress impacting the families with childcare needs,” Dodd shared.
Noting the “heartwarming” actions coming from outside Lake County to assist with recovery efforts, MLCU Chief Executive Officer Richard Cooper said, “MLCU is thankful for the donations from credit unions across the state and beyond. We appreciate the assistance of RCU and the California Credit Union League for their efforts in getting the word out about the tremendous need.”

RCU’s President & CEO Brett Martinez, who also participated in the Friday evening check presentation, shared, “It’s exciting to see how so many organizations and people coming together to support Lake County is helping the community move forward.”

Team Lake County Chair Shelly Mascari expressed her appreciation for the combined efforts of credit unions. “Team Lake County is so grateful for this contribution to the infrastructure of our community. With this support, Lake County will have the opportunity to recover and thrive in the future.”

Fire Family Foundation Executive Director Robin McCarthy explained, “These fires shattered communities and families. Our foundation answers the need when tragedy strikes. Our commitment to firefighters and fire survivors like this, enables us to offer a helping hand in times of grief. We hope our $80,000 donation will provide a better future for this community.”

Diana Dykstra, President/CEO of the California Credit Union League, said. “I’m so proud of the credit union community for coming together to raise these funds to support families and individuals who endured losses in these devastating fires. Our partnership with Fire Family Foundation amplified the call to action nationally.”

Donations are still being accepted via the Lake County Wildfire Relief Fund through Mendo Lake Credit Union or North Coast Opportunities (NCO), a local nonprofit. For more information, visit or

ABOUT FIRE FAMILY FOUNDATION As the charitable hand of Firefighters First Credit Union, Fire Family Foundation responds when tragedy strikes, offering compassion and financial assistance to firefighters and fire survivors in need. In 2015, the Foundation provided more than $175,000 in immediate assistance to firefighters and their families, fire survivors, fire departments and charities. Support is widespread throughout the State of California; this year attention is given to Northern Californian communities and fire personnel who experienced a devastating fire season. The Foundation believes that those in need can experience comfort, healing, and support from their “Fire Family.”

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Boston Firefighters received CUNA’s Membership Benefits Award

For the forth year in a row Boston Firefighters received CUNA’s Membership Benefits Awards for the substantial financial benefit they provide to members in their asset size..

$75 million to $250 million in assets:
  • Boston Firefighters Credit Union ($711)
  • Nebraska Energy Federal Credit Union ($472)
  • XCEL Federal Credit Union ($384)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You Are Not Alone With NCOFCU

At the GAC this week,  NCUA Vice Chairman Rick Metsger made the following comments.

As you read through the following, remember the National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions (NCOFCU) fills this networking purpose.  Through NCOFCU you have a network of over 100 credit unions serving firefighters and their families that you can reach out too.

Through NCOFCU you have a network of credit unions and service providers to assist you in most all of your credit union operations.

Grant Sheehan CEO NCOFCU

Washing, DC. NCUA Vice Chairman Rick Metsger

Regulatory roadblocks that keep small credit unions from forming a network with others while maintaining their identity must be removed, NCUA Vice Chairman Rick Metsger said Monday.

Speaking during the second day of the NCUA Governmental Affairs Conference, Metsger said small credit unions that are having financial problems should have an alternative to a total merger during which they lose their identity.

He said he wants the NCUA to build on the Network Credit Union concept developed by the Filene Institute and others.

“I commit that I will work to remove roadblocks to credit unions who wish to come together under the umbrella of one stronger charter, but who continue to operate under their own identities in their communities, seamless to their members, but now with added resources and reduced compliance and regulatory burden at the local level,” Metsger said.

He said that last week, the NCUA’s general counsel said that key elements of the network concept are permitted under the Federal Credit Union Act.

“Your cooperative structure can help smaller credit unions survive in an increasingly challenging economic climate,” he said, adding that the death of a small credit union does not have to have a pre-ordained conclusion.

Under the network concept, participating credit unions retain their own CEO and advisory boards of directors.

Metsger also said that during the coming year, the NCUA must adopt the final field of membership rule — but only after reviewing more than 11,000 letters it received commenting on the proposed rule.

“Despite what you hear from your competitors, Congress explicitly gave the NCUA Board broad authority to define what these terms mean,” he said.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Consider Hosting a Board or Planning Meeting in Denver – Limited Availability!

Consider Hosting a Board or Planning  Meeting at the Convention – Limited Availability!

Let us help you coordinate the details to ensure a headache-free experience. Complimentary meeting space, food and beverage discounts, and much, much more! Please call 305-951-3306 or e-mail to secure your spot. (for NCOFCU members only)

Friday, February 12, 2016

Same Day ACH Cash In On It

Same-day ACH will soon be a reality for U.S. financial institutions, and the change could mean that certain product offerings and new data about members may become much more lucrative for credit unions.

One of those opportunities for credit unions may be in bill pay.
About half of the ACH network today is supporting consumer bill pay, So when you consider your basic bill-pay application, think about it and say, are you enabling your consumer to pay a bill directly from the account they have with you – and giving them the option to do that on the same day?

The way most credit unions have constructed their systems over the last 10 or 15 years is that they use an outside service provider for all the different capabilities, They’ll link out to a bill-pay provider or to an account-to-account provider or P2P. That's a huge obstacle for them to take advantage of the ACH, because the ACH change will impact the businesses of all those digitech organizations that provide those services to the credit union.

With the new rules, credit unions could use same-day ACH to move money for $0.052 per transaction as opposed to $0.30 to $0.80 per transaction they typically pay to a bill-pay provider.

Read More;

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sundeep Kapur - Will present "Effective Social Media" at the 2016 NCOFCU conference in Denver, CO.

Effective Social Media: To listen, to serve, & to grow

The member we serve and the member we seek is active on social media. Many financial institutions are using social media as a tactic to engage. What can we do to make it an effective strategy? How do we take it to a whole new level?

Ideally, we should be using social media to help our members with financial solutions – the ability to create consumer journeys, we should be attentive on social media to service problems, and we should spend time on social media to stay in touch with those we serve.

Sundeep Kapur has been helping brands define their OMNI-channel marketing strategies. He has had the opportunity to help many financial institutions create and execute a successful consumer engagement strategy. His specialty lies in helping brands adopt digital by focusing on fundamentals – reduced cost, security, and driving revenue - all towards improving lifetime member value.

He is an industry-recognized expert who has delivered keynotes, run panels, and delivered "relevant, inspirational, and outstanding" education for organizations around the world. In addition to direct work with clients, he writes articles for magazines, teaches yoga, and is invited to speak at a number of financial conferences.

Sundeep currently chairs a digital advisory strategy council, focused on giving financial executives practical and innovative ideas on defining their member engagement strategy – branch transformation, digital integration, & the mobile wallet.

Multiple events including – CUES, CUNA, NAFCU, Leagues, & Multiple Credit Unions

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Plans are underway to charter a new credit union that will serve the New York Fire Department

NEW YORK — Move over The Finest, here comes The Bravest.

Plans are underway to charter a new credit union that will serve the New York Fire Department — one year after the formation of The Finest Federal Credit Union, which was designed for New York City police and correction officers. (The Finest is now a $4.6-million institution with almost 1,900 members)

The prospective credit union will be called The Bravest Federal Credit Union,
However, Bruce O. Jolly, Jr., a Virginia-based attorney who is consulting on the proposed firefighter credit union and was also involved with the creation of The Finest FCU, cautioned that chartering a new credit union “is a long, drawn-out process and we are at the first stage. The train can derail at any time.”

Jolly told Credit Union Journal that on Feb. 3, seven firefighters met in mid-town Manhattan to sign forms from NCUA necessary to start the organization of a new credit union serving firefighters and emergency medical services (EMS) throughout the state of New York.

“Recognizing it is a long process from application to opening the doors, they were heartened by the experiences of The Finest Federal Credit Union, which formally opened in May of 2015,” Jolly noted. “The organization meeting followed receipt of a letter from NCUA approving the new TIP [charter] for firefighters and EMS workers.”

As is the case with NYPD, FDNY employees do already have at least one credit union they are eligible to join, and it’s even the same one: Municipal CU. The $2 billion credit union was chartered in 1917 to serve employees of the city of New York, including both police officers and firefighters, among others.

Introduced in 2003, TIP charters allow single-sponsor credit unions to serve all employees in a specific trade, industry, or profession within a defined geographic area, according to Dollar Associates, a credit union consulting firm based in Alabama.

Jolly further said that in the coming weeks the subscribers — assisted by his legal firm Reed & Jolly PLLC and others — will complete the package for submission to NCUA, then begin looking for management and securing capital and deposits from other credit unions.

“New York City has the largest fire department in the United States and it will form the core for the new credit union’s Field of Membership,” Jolly added. “The subscribers are excited about being able to bring a whole host of financial products designed specifically for firefighters and EMS professionals.”

The FDNY employs about 10,200 uniformed firefighters and more than 3,600 uniformed EMTs and paramedics.

CU Journal
By Palash Ghosh

Monday, February 8, 2016

Jim Hagerbaumer: President of Hagerbaumer Economics. Will present his vision of the Economy at NCOFCU's conference in Denver

Jim Hagerbaumer: President of Hagerbaumer Economics.
Jim last spoke to us in Miami in 2008 and many of you will remember his explosive presentation on the economy.

Jim consults with CEO’s and CFO’s of financial institutions, advising them on pricing CD's and loans, and on timing purchases in their investment portfolio.  

Jim’s weekly report is read by professionals around the country.

He has a doctorate in economics from the University of Colorado, taught at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh, and was corporate economist for a Fortune 500 company.  He’s a former member of the BLUE CHIP panel. 

For over 25 years he’s had an exceptional record of predicting the economic cycle and interest rates … with many solid, stunning calls.  

His insights will provoke you to think.  He communicates all this with an explosive style. You’ve never heard an economist like this.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tell your members who you are!

So you think your members know who you really are? Sometimes you just have to show them!

Here is another video example of getting the word out about your credit union.

NCOFCU's business partner Auto Link, has added a new feature to introduce your members to your new auto buying service.

NCOFCU's business partner Auto Link, has added a new feature to introduce your members to your new auto buying service. 

The following self guided tour enplanes your new service and all it offers. 

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Member Benefits 

For more information contact:
Ed Bourgeois