Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The American Heart Association recently released updated recommendations for performing CPR

The American Heart Association recently released updated recommendations for performing CPR that include new suggestions for chest compression's and using mobile apps to increase the likelihood that bystanders can step in to help those in cardiac arrest.

To better assist the more than 326,000 people who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital every year, the American Heart Association (AHA) updated its CPR guidelines last week.

The new recommendations are aimed at bystanders untrained in CPR and include updates to the number of advised chest compression's per minute, as well as highlight the importance of calling 911 so dispatchers can walk those providing resuscitation through the process.

“Every able-bodied person should be able to respond to cardiac arrest by at least recognizing it, calling 911, and doing chest compression's,” Robert Neumar, M.D., Ph.D., immediate past chair of AHA’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee, said in a statement.

The guidelines recommend untrained bystanders perform hands-only CPR—a technique in which people push hard and fast on the center of the chest without breaths. AHA pushed this type of CPR last year during its National CPR and AED Awareness Week with the help of song mashups created by mashup artist DJ Earworm. The specially created songs pulsed at 100 beats a minute to help those performing CPR deliver the recommended 100 compression's per minute.

But those tunes may no longer be as helpful as AHA’s new guidelines now recommend up to 100-120 compression's per minute. AHA also recommends that those trained in CPR perform two breaths for every 30 compression's.

Mobile phones can also help ensure more people in cardiac arrest get the help they need in a timely manner, the association highlighted. It’s urging U.S. cities to use mobile app technology that locates and alerts bystanders within a certain distance when someone is in need of CPR. The recommendation is based on a Swedish study that found bystander CPR was initiated in 62 percent of cardiac arrests among a group of people that received phone alerts as opposed to 48 percent of the time among a group that did not receive alerts.

Updated every five years, the CPR guidelines are evaluated via a process that includes more than 250 experts from the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation, which includes AHA as a member. According to AHA, roughly 90 percent of those who experience cardiac arrest outside of a hospital die.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Help 30 Impacted Firefighters Who Lost Homes

Fire Family Foundation, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts Create Unique Partnership
To Help 30 Impacted Firefighters Who Lost Homes;
Public Can Help Support Firefighters in Need

Pasadena, Oakland, October  19, 2015:   While they were out fighting the devastating wild land fires in Northern California, 30 firefighters returned to find their own homes  gone, destroyed by the Valley Fire, Middletown Fire, Jerusalem Fire, Butte Fire and many more.  

Now fire charities and departments are coming to the aid of these homeless firefighters in a unique, creative and unprecedented way. 

Fire Family Foundation is partnering with Oakland Firefighters Random Acts to connect 30 fire departments to the 30 firefighters who lost their homes.  The Foundation is providing $1,000 initial money to each participating fire department (a total of $30,000).  After learning their adopted firefighter’s immediate short term needs, fire departments will create a list, shop and deliver necessary items. The overall process encourages fire department members to take on the role of Big Brother and Big Sister to their fellow firefighters in need.
“These 30 firefighter lost their homes while simply out doing their job, to protect the homes of others,” says Larry Hendricks, Executive Director, Oakland Firefighters Random Acts. “We are asking both the firefighters of other departments and the community as a whole, to thank our firefighters by supporting Helping Firefighters Heal Fund with a donation.  Before the ashes go cold, they need a helping hand.”

“We are starting with $30,000 to help these firefighters,” explains Robin McCarthy, Executive Director, Fire Family Foundation. “The Foundation recently raised funds for the residents of Middletown and surrounding communities, pledging 100% of those funds for fire victims.  But now it’s our firefighters who need help.  Helping Firefighters Heal offers a unique opportunity to thank those people who give so much of their lives to saving others and others things.  Lend a hand to someone who answers the call so often. And all gifts are tax deductible.”  

Mike Mastro, Chair of Fire Family Foundation and CEO/President of Firefighters First Credit Union, states, “Fire Family Foundation, our charitable hand of Firefighters First Credit Union, has challenged our  more than 32,000 members to come to the aid of their fellow firefighters. The Foundation pledges that 100% of the donations will be directed to the 30 firefighters in need.”
 Fire Family Foundation responds when tragedy affects firefighters and fire victims.  A nonprofit founded by Firefighters First Credit Union, Fire Family Foundation offers immediate assistance to firefighters and their families, fire victims, fire departments, and charities.  The Foundation believes that by coming together as a “Fire Family,” assistance can be provided to those impacted by fire.  For more info, go to: https://firefamilyfoundation.org/ 

"Random Acts" is a nonprofit organization that provides a central location where Oakland Firefighters can request funds and resources to help people in need in the community and on their 911 emergency calls.  Their mission statement is "Creating a positive difference in the lives of individuals through Random Acts of Kindness".  Their motto is "No Egos, No Badges, No Resume Builders".  There are no paid positions.  Everyone involved serves voluntarily and from their hearts.  For more info, go to:  www.OFRandomActs.org

Robin McCarthy,  Fire Family Foundation  (323) 550-2208
Larry Hendricks
,  Oakland Firefighters Random Acts   (707) 328-4356 c    (707) 823-3582 h

Thursday, October 15, 2015

CUNA Mutual Group Debuts New Transportation Collateral Protection Enhancement

CUNA Mutual Group Debuts New Collateral Protection Enhancement

Protects Credit Unions Against New Risks Related to Transportation Network Companies

MADISON, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CUNA Mutual Group is enhancing its Collateral Protection solutions for credit unions to address emerging risks to their loan portfolios related to the growing popularity of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft.
“So there would be no coverage for the credit union in this situation. That’s why we created the TNC endorsement to cover credit unions should this occur.”
A new no-cost TNC endorsement to CUNA Mutual Group’s Collateral Protection Blanket Auto policy protects credit unions from potential loan losses due to damage caused while a borrower is operating as a TNC driver. The new coverage became effective Oct. 1, in most states. State National Companies, CUNA Mutual Group’s alliance partner for Tracked Collateral Protection Insurance, will also be adding a similar, no-cost endorsement for Tracked CPI customers.
Ride sourcing organizations such as Lyft and Uber enable individuals to use their personal, non-commercial vehicle as a livery, or taxi-type service through a mobile app managed by the TNC that connects passengers with drivers. Drivers are attracted by the opportunity to be their own boss, work a flexible schedule and earn extra income.
However, most personal auto policies don’t include coverage for commercial use, and state legislation doesn’t require TNCs to provide comprehensive/collision coverage, said Al Olson, CUNA Mutual Group staff underwriting specialist. As a result, many drivers aren’t aware they may not be adequately covered when driving for a TNC.
“TNC drivers might think their personal insurance will cover them if they are in an accident while ‘on the job,’ but that may not be the case,” Olson said. “If physical damage occurs and there is no insurance coverage, the likelihood of drivers defaulting on their auto loans increases, which creates a potential loss exposure for lenders.”
Although a credit union may have collateral insurance in force to protect their loan portfolio, standard collateral insurance coverage excludes vehicles while used for “public or livery conveyance,” Olson added. “So there would be no coverage for the credit union in this situation. That’s why we created the TNC endorsement to cover credit unions should this occur.”
To learn more, attend CUNA Mutual Group’s Discovery Conference on Oct. 21, to participate in a live chat about “Uber, Lyft and Your Rising Loan Risk” at 10:10 a.m. CDT, in the “Protect Your Loan Portfolio” booth located in the conference’s Solutions Center. Registration for the event is free.
About CUNA Mutual Group
CUNA Mutual Group was founded in 1935 by credit union pioneers, and the company’s commitment to their vision continues today. CUNA Mutual Group offers insurance and protection for credit unions, employees and members; lending solutions and marketing programs; TruStage™-branded consumer insurance products; and investment and retirement services to help customers build financial security. For more information, go to www.cunamutual.com

Monday, October 12, 2015

NCOFCU business partner Auto Link was a real HIT at the 2015 Conference.

NCOFCU business partner Auto Link was a real HIT at the 2015 Conference. Ed Bourgeois  demonstrated to each credit union how their program would look and operate
within their website. Contact Ed now for you free demo, ebourg@myEZCarCare.com

Your credit union has the best rates on loans and products, but only 15.74% of the national auto market share went to credit unions in 2014 — down 7.2% from 2013.
The online shopping paradigm shift is changing the way your members buy vehicles and get auto loans.

Auto Link™ is a complete member marketing package for your credit union that will increase auto loan revenue by engaging your members in the new digital world. 

Now special discounts for NCOFCU Members, visit NCOFCU Member Benefits 

Plus Your Members Get a myEZ Car Care® VIP package

Get continual marketing touch points to engage your members throughout the entire vehicle ownership lifecycle.

Any member with a vehicle will enjoy the savings and convenience of using your credit union branded wallet card and mobile or desktop app to save money and properly care for their vehicles.
Your credit union will be top of mind as the myEZ Car Care® program continually reminds them of how you care about their vehicle ownership experience.
myEZ Car Care® membership comes with discounts on the following services:
  • Vehicle Repair, Service and Maintenance
  • Rental Cars from Avis, Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty
  • Hotels, Resorts, and Vacation Rentals
  • Electronic Glove Box® for Desktop and Mobile Ap
For more information contact:
Ed Bourgeois
myEZ Car Care, LLC
304 Garden Road
River Ridge, LA  70123

Sunday, October 11, 2015

NCOFCU Lifetime Achievement Award to Clint Hartman, retiring CEO of Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU.

Nashville 10/8/2015  The National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions Inc. (NCOFCU) held its 4th annual conference here this week.

Among the events on the agenda was be the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Clint Hartman, retiring CEO of Houston Texas Fire Fighters FCU. 
After graduating with his MBA and working several years in finance and accounting, Hartmann began his credit union career at Tropical Telco FCU (now Tropical Financial CU) in 1983 as Assistant Controller. Over the next 25 years, Hartmann served as President and CEO of credit unions with the Martin Marietta and the University of South Florida, where he learned to respect and appreciate the membership aspect of the credit union philosophy. He was named President and CEO of HTFFFCU in 2004.

Clint has been extremely active in the Credit Union industry, currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Corporate America Credit Union. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Houston Chapter of Credit Unions for 9 years–5 of those years as President. Much of his time with the Houston Chapter centered on fundraising efforts for community charities and political advocacy for the credit union industry in Texas. In addition Clint has attended every annual meeting of NCOFCU, providing his leadership skills and support in the development of NCOFCU.

National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions, Inc. NCOFCU
NCOFCU is available to over 100 credit unions primarily serving 600,000 firefighters and their families. It is NCOFCU’s purpose to promote the growth, viability and unity of firefighter credit unions, to create and maintain a sharing and cooperative spirit among credit unions serving the firefighter community, to facilitate opportunities for partnership and collaboration among our membership. For more information about us, visit our website at: www.ncofcu.org  

CU*South shares vision of members as co-creators with National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions

FAIRHOPE, AL (October 9, 2015) — “Members as Co-Creators: Connecting with our Owners” is the theme of CU*South’s address at the National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions Annual Meeting in Nashville this week.
Focused on the needs of credit unions serving firefighters and their families, the Coalition brings together firefighter volunteers and CEOs for four days of networking and education. “Great things happen when firefighters come together. Our face-to-face interaction is the platform where collaboration begins, relationships are forged, and ideas are generated,” says Michael R Tobler, NCOFCU Chairman and CEO of Albany Firemen’s FCU.
“Every time our members come to work, they’re putting their lives on the line,” says Gene Benick, Coalition Treasurer and CEO of Newark Firemen FCU. “We try to bend over backwards for our members… give them the products and services they need, and technology to access these services from anywhere, anytime.”
“We’re taking a look into the future, collaborating with the leading innovators of financial services and technology,” says CU*South CEO Leo Vaulin. “Our goal is to be ready when a member decides they’re ready to finance a new car or home, or make a purchase using Apple Pay or Android Pay—we need to stay top-of-mind and top-of-wallet. The best way to get there is to involve the member in creating their experience to fit what they want, instead of what some bank decides they should get.”
CU*South will be presenting its shared vision to Coalition members on Saturday, October 10. “CU*South is part of a collaborative network of over 500 credit unions who share the vision that credit unions should control the technology and services that drive their success in serving member needs and sustaining economic growth,” says Mr. Vaulin. “We believe in the strength of individual credit union charters, and use financial technology to share the work while growing the bonds between CUs and their members.”

About CU*South
CU*South is a credit union-owned cooperative focused on building a network of successful credit unions. CU*South offers a wide variety of services including the Tier-1 CU*BASE® processing system offered in both online (ASP) and in-house processing environments, as well as a fully-integrated online and mobile banking solution. CU*South also provides a variety of managed services through its CUSO@Work division, as well as through collaborative partnerships with other CUSOs in the rapidly-growing cuasterisk.com network. Managed services allow credit unions to outsource tasks at a fraction of the cost of a full-time specialist—accounting, collections, compliance, lending, marketing, call center, web design. As a partner of the cuasterisk.com network, CU*South provides the most comprehensive offering of information technology tools and services through a collaborative, shared ownership model, with the same great value credit unions offer members. For more information, visit www.cusouth.com.
About the National Coalition of Firefighters CUs
The National Coalition of Firefighters Credit Unions, Inc. (NCOFCU) is a non-profit professional association of credit unions serving firefighters and their families. Firefighter credit unions have been meeting annually since 2001. NCOFCU presently includes over 100 firefighter credit unions, representing over $9.9 billion in assets and 521,000 members throughout the U.S. and Canada.
Leo Vaulin