Just how important is that mobile number?

WASHINGTON—Most U.S. homes no longer have a landline phone service and instead rely on cell phones.

Which number do you have in your member database? When was the last time you updated your membership contact information?

According to a new report from the US Health Department, 50.8% of American households are now wireless only when it comes to phone service, The Verge reported.

Among those remaining households, 39.4% had both a wireless phone and a landline. Only 6.5% of homes are landline only, while 3.2% remain phone-free.

The figures, based on a telephone poll of nearly 20,000 households, show just how quickly Americans have abandoned landlines, The Verge noted. Just 10 years ago, only about 15% of households were wireless only, with the rapid rise of smartphone use leading to the shift.