Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Firefighters First Credit Union has announced it is paying a year-end bonus to members of $2 million.

LOS ANGELES–Firefighters First Credit Union has announced it is paying a year-end bonus to members of $2 million.
Since 1981, the credit union has returned more than $46 million to members.
Firefighters First Credit Union said it rewards its members for having a strong engagement with the credit union, saying deeper membership engagement via investment accounts, insurance policies and business loans is greatly welcomed and an active growth strategy. “It is rare to find an organization today that shares any percentage of their profits. However, at Firefighters First Credit Union, this is part of our foundation. While many credit unions have ceased sharing their profits, we feel strongly about giving back to our members to help improve the financial lives of our Fire Family,” said President/CEO Dixie Abramian. “At the discretion of the board of directors, it is an important part of our tradition. The payouts vary based on member relationships – if you have a mortgage or a money market with us, your member payout will be much higher than if you have only an auto loan.”
Firefighters First said it continues to focus on providing terrific service to members, especially with a national expansion strategy now underway. The credit union currently serves approximately 544 fire departments nationwide.
Payouts represent a rebate on the interest paid on loan accounts and a bonus on the earning on savings accounts, the credit union said.
More information on the payout, including a video, can be found at: www.firefightersfirstcu.org/payout

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