Tuesday, May 5, 2020

New Free Resources from Tim Harrington of TEAM Resources

New! Free Resource

Digital Self-Audit Questionaire

We've added a new free resource! 

Check out our Free Downloads page of the website. We recently added the Digital Self-Audit Questionnaire. You can use this useful tool in a variety of ways to find out how digital-ready you are to take on this challenging climate.

One way to do this is to distribute the questions to all of your participants ahead of time and have them bring their answers to your session. Then you can "calibrate" your scores and find out how synched your team is, where there is alignment and where there needs to be a discussion before action. 

TEAM Building from TEAM Resources

Now is NOT the time to 
forgo developing your teams and creating a more trusting and interdependent group!

Your teams are under stress and operating under extraordinary circumstances. This is all the more reason to take a collective breath and make sure they have the tools they need to understand and count on each other. You can maintain morale and increase engagement. And yes, you can do this effectively with online tools! (And it's far better than building towers out of straws and masking tape.)

We are endorsed by Paradigm Personality Labs to use the WorkPlace Big 5 Model of assessments to give team members a better understanding of each other and of how the group can interact under any circumstances. 

Coming Soon:
  • The May Blog: How to Spot a Board in Trouble
  • New Board Governance Video Series episodes
  • Expanded online training content and videos, including options for understanding credit union financials (one of Tim's particular specialties)

While you wait, check out our most recent Board Governance Video: 
How are you Adapting?

Tim Harrington, CPA

CEO, TEAM Resources

Kevin Smith
Consultant/Publisher, TEAM Resources


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