Thursday, February 18, 2021

Support Financial Wellbeing

Callahan & Associates

Helping members is the heart of the credit union industry. We’ve been talking to credit union leaders and experts at Gallup about the difference between financial health and financial wellbeing, how to measure them, and what it means for credit unions and their members.

Here are some insights from our recent Financial Wellness theme week on

What Financial Challenges Do Members Think They’ll Have In 2021 – A poll by Gallup directly asked credit union members: “What financial challenges do you anticipate in the next six to 12 months?” Read more about the three prominent themes and how to help members.

Driving Market Differentiation Through Member Engagement – This webinar shares key takeaways from Gallup’s Financial Services Study and provides details on how credit unions can differentiate in today’s environment by focusing on the person behind the member. Watch here.

What’s In A Name: Director Of Financial Wellness And Wellbeing – In this interview, Jeff Sobieralski, Director of Financial Wellness And Wellbeing at Teachers Credit Union ($3.9B, IN) talks about his role and how the credit union serves members. Read now and meet Jeff.
Why Financial Wellbeing Is Critical to Member Success – Members who agree that their credit union looks out for their financial wellbeing are three times more likely to be engaged. Learn more about how member success and engagement is tied to financial wellbeing.

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