Aging Americans



The median age of Americans reached an all-time high of 38.9 in 2022, according to data released yesterday from the US Census Bureau. The figure implies half of Americans were younger than 38.9 years last year, while half were older.  

 The median age is up by 0.2 years from 2021 and is nearly half of the average life expectancy of Americans, which was 76.1 in 2022. The median age in 2000 was 35.3, and in 1980, it was 30 (see chart). 

 The census data also revealed 17 states had a median age above 40 in 2022, with Maine (44.8) and New Hampshire (43.3) leading the group. The states with the lowest median age were Utah (31.9), the District of Columbia (34.8), and Texas (35.5). Hawaii (40.7) saw the largest increase in its median age, up 0.4 years from 2021. No state saw a decrease.

 Observers say the US data reflect the aging population worldwide. See global data on median ages here (from 2020).