"Credit union staff and directors find success and inspiration at the National Council of Firefighter Credit Unions Conference"


There were directors and staff at a local credit union serving first responders who had been looking for ways to improve the services they provide to their members. After hearing of the National Council of Firefighter Credit Unions Inc (NCOFCU) conference they decided to attend.

The day of the conference finally arrived. They felt nervous, yet excited, as they waited in line to register. Once inside, they found themselves surrounded by other first responder credit union professionals eager to learn, teach, and share ideas. The conference was a whirlwind of workshops, keynote speeches, vendor exhibits, and special networking events. They took notes, asked questions, and networked with other attendees and vendors.

After the conference, they felt more confident in their ability to lead their credit union into the future. They had met others in the industry who were facing similar challenges and had networked with experts who could help guide their organization to success.

In addition to the knowledge and connections they gained, they had also been inspired by the passion and commitment of their fellow first responder credit union professionals. They realized that the first responder credit union movement was much larger than just their local institution and that by working together, they could accomplish great things for their members and communities.

They returned to their credit union with renewed enthusiasm and shared what they learned with their staff and fellow directors. Together, they implemented new policies and practices that helped them better serve their membership and stay ahead of the competition.

In summary, attending the National Council of Firefighter Credit Unions Conference provided them with a wealth of valuable information, invaluable connections, and a renewed passion for the first responder credit union movement. For anyone working in the first responder credit union community, it's a must-attend annual event that can help drive success and growth for years to come. NCOFCU 2023 Annual Educational Conference

NCOFCU’s National Board of Directors

Chairman: Michael McCormick V. Chair. San Diego Firefighters FCU 
1st V. Chairman:  
David Lantrip Director Houston Firefighters FCU
2nd V. Chairman: 
Brian Kurzel V. Chair. Charlotte Fire Dept. CU
Treasurer: Gene Benick Newark Firefighters FCU
Andy Doyle Director F&A CU
Bonnie Sensing Exec. Admin. Nashville Firefighters CU, Michael Tobler Chairman NY Firefighters Bravest FCU, John Cowin Chairman Syracuse Firefighters CU, Al Comeaux Chairman Baton Rouge CU
Associate Directors: Johnny Player Treasurer of Akron Fire Police CU, Marc 
Sanders Director of Boston Firefighters CU, Bob  Whitaker Director of Baton Rouge Firemens CU.

Staff: Grant Sheehan CEO